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284 Responses to “Dingle, Liverpool, 1964”

  • Charles Love:

    This is an amazing find. I’ve never heard of this film before. Subtitles would have been a good idea, but it’s a good watch anyway. Thanks Dave!

    • Roy Hall:

      I was in the same class in Dingle vale with George. We grew up together from Matthew Arnold School to DVS
      In the late 50′s I was in a skiffle group called the “Dingle Dices” with Dougie Meakin, John Mahoney,Tony Evans. As time progressed we new Skiffle had had it’s day. Dougie wanted to form a proper Beat Group. We were all working now where as before we used improvised instruments’ Dougie’s Dad A;lbert’ even made his son a Guitar from a Kit! John Mahoney was a wizard in electrics self taught. He would make amplifiers out of old wireless case’s and even made his parents a stereo unit from an old cabinet. It was proposed that we all take out a hire purchase agreement with Hessy’s in town and buy the necessary instruments. Seeing asI had been the washboard player
      I had moved over to 1 ‘ yes 1′ Snare Drum. I was at the time an apprentice in Dysons earning around £3.00. per/week. There was no way I could get hire purchase let alone afford it, So my very short band career came to an end. Soon after The Group became quite known in Liverpool called the Mindbenders they had to alter this name as there was another group on the scene at that time which were hughlie popular. It was at this time I think’ when George joined the group as Base Player. They made one appearence on Ready Steady Go! with a Bob Dylan Number. Afterwards I heard that George had indeed Joined the Merseybeats.

      • syd nickson:

        I lived in beresford rd and went to dvs 1954to1959,joined merseyside unity theatre group through gym teacher Gerry dawson ,,we won the british drama league festival and scored a FREE TRIP TO GERMANY.Dougie Meakin was with us and we had an absolute ball lots of laughs etc.I,ve lived in Australia now for forty years but still have fond memories of my upbringing in the Dingle Regards Syd Nickson

        • tommy roe:

          hi syd, I was in mathew arnold and dingle vale,what prompted me to get in touch was your mention of gerry dawson,
          they say you always remember a good teacher, he was the one I remember.
          I was there in the early 60′s….not much left of where you asked about,cockburn street is still as it was, but all the streets you mentioned are gone, just one pub left on park road, the pinapple….
          jessies at the bottom and the nob hill at the top are still there …but now they are funeral parlours!
          also it’s freezin cold!!!! you’re much better off in oz mate! all the best.

          • kevin johnson:

            hi tommy roe,do you have a brother called russel roe.MY FATHER george johnson was a mate of russell in the 60s with billy hogg.I just wondered did you know these lads.thanks kev johno, from south street in the 60s

          • I used to play with Tommy Roe in Bowring Street where his grandparents the Henney family lived. We used to brush the street and play cowboys and Indians.

        • dougie meakin:

          Hi Sid yes i remember with happy memories touring with “THE FOX TAP” i think it was called. and 0ld gerry great to hear your ok that documetary doesn’t talk bad about anyone and ther’s not much more scenes on the dingle but i’m making a copy in english if you’re interested but it’ll be a while yet. lovely to hear you’re ok cheers Dougie.

          • syd nickson:

            hi ye Doug,Didn’t think I’d hear from you after all this time,the play was the fox trap,we did have a lot of laughs didn,t we remember Herr fuch and Frau Shite,I followed your career on line and sounds like you have had a ball doing what you liked.Look me up on facebook .Like to hear from you.Cheers Syd

          • Maureen:

            Dougie Meakin…….are you the very same Meakin that lived in Drysdale St? I lived in Miller St., went to Parkhill Road School then DVS. We moved to Beresford Rd. One evening you and your skiffle group came to our house. Now that would have been in the late 50s. Are you this Dougie Meakin? I always had a crush on you but it never went anywhere I think you head was in the music! I hope you see this and respond.

          • jim mccoy:

            Dougie , Your cousin Tommy Meakin was a great mate of mine. He did the best Elvis impersonation ever. Old Shep was his masterpiece. Many nights spent at the Buffalo Club in Devonshire road

        • Frank Page:

          Hi Sid, I remember you. We were both in Class 4AC. I remember Alfie Ponter and Brian and Terry Prendagast, Tommy Higgins, Roy Thwaite, Albert Hog – the list goes on. But I have no photos – pity that. I used to live in the pub Called the Southhill Hotel until my father died in 1952. We moved to Great George Street near the Cathedral but I still went to DVS – even when we moved to Kirkby I still travelled all the way to DVS.

      • Pat Wiss:

        Hi Roy – just read your lines on Dougie Meakin and the Masterminds… I suppose you know that Dougie left Liverpool in ’65 with a newly formed group called Motowns and became very popular in Italy, releasing many records that made the charts in the mid-late 60s there.Dougie still lives in Rome and never stopped playing and singing. He just turned 68 and is a proud grandad. Lally Stott was also part of the Motowns. He returned to the UK, wrote the hit “Chirpie-Chirpie Cheep-Cheep” and sadly died in a road accident. Check out this site for more pictures of the Motowns and many others, part of the “Brit Invasion” to Italy, .

        Cheers, Pat

        • Roy Hall:

          Thanks Pat’

          I’m sorry I do not remember you? I lost touch with Dougie when I got married (as you do ) and although we stayed in the Dingle upto 67 I heard from Dougie’s Brother-in-law Jim I think he was called, that Dougie had gone to Italy. I have tried on Facebooke but upto now no luck. We are the same age as well and it would be nice if we could make contact. We moved about Cheshire and Shropshire before ending up in Valencia 41/2 year ago.

          Thanks for the info’ anyway Pat.

          Kind Regards.

      • dougie meakin:

        hello roy, this is dougie here what a blast from the past to see your message well i did carry on playing we changed our name to “the msterminds that film you saw was a german documentary we made in 1964 it just talks about the boom of groups in the 60′s and how liverpool wasin those times, icarried on playing and have been in rome italy for 46 yr’s now writing and playing songs for italian t.v. i’ve got a smashin’ family Rita my wife and Christian and Krystall two lovely kids and now i’m a very proud grandad to a bella grandaughter Angelica i’m o ver the moon i saw this sight and i’m still very proud to have grown up in the Dingle.

        • Steve Thomas:

          Hi, Doug how are u & ur family, it’s a while since we spoke, shame we couldn’t have met up last year in Rome off our cruise, wot a nightmare the whole experience was, probably fell unlucky. How’s ur health now. Tommy says he keeps in regular touch . Things aren’t great for us at the minute with my wife’s health. Shame about Clla. Take Care.

        • Keith Clarke:

          Hi Dougie – was wondering if you are the same guy I was at school with in the late 50′s (Mathew Arnold Junior) I have a friend living in Rome and visit her once or twice a year. I’m now 75 and living on the UK South coast, near to Brighton.

          Kind regards, Keith (David) Clarke.

      • Hi Roy Hall. My name is Ron Egerton. I was born at 74 Hurry Street L 8 IN 1941. I also went to Mathew Arnold School and onto Dingle Vale School. When I was in my early teens I started in a skiffle group with Gerry Marsden and his brother Freddy and another bloke can’t remember his name. My mam went to Frank Hessey’s and bought me a guitar good one paid £17.10 shillings on the spread. I think it was called a Zenith chello type. I packed in with the group and my mam sold the guitar to Gerry Marsden via his mam. My Mam and his mam were friends.
        We meaning my sister really was friends with Richard Starkey ( Ringo Star ) before he joined the Beatles I think his mother used to live in Hurry Street at some time..
        From my school day memories I can remember a couple of teachers one from Mathew Arnold called Makin and 2 from Dingle Vale gym teacher called Gerry Dawson great guy and one little …… called Hoole thiscguy stood at the school gate with a cane down the leg of his trousers and if you misted the whistle at start of school out came the cane and he would wack every one who was late. Any way Roy I could go on except to say it’s been great sorcing this page Good luck I.M 74 YRS OLD NOW

      • roy eker:

        hi does anyone remember jimmy lacey in a band called the profiles

    • Edna (Roberts) Heard:

      I was born and raised in the Dingle, and this brought back memories to me, BUT – you all went to Dingle Vale, no mention of the better school – good, old Welly Road!

      All in fun (I did try to get into Dingle Vale, but they wouldn’t have me) I lived too far up Park Road to qualify

      • syd nickson:

        My sister Glady’s went to wellie rd about 1949-50 I was supposed to go there but couldn’t stand heights(at playtime)

      • Hi Edna

        Did you live off Park Road and have a brother called Cliff or Dougie? He went out with a girl called Margaret who was a friend of mine!

        All you folk who went to DVS I was there from 1963 – 67 unfortunately don’t recognise any names but would love to hear from anyone from my old days I was Barbara Mc Donald then and married Tony McCarthy from South Hill road block.

      • Toni:

        Hi Edna,

        My name is Toni and I am searching (secretly) on behalf of my mum Marjorie born 1950 she also went to Wellington Road School. Im not sure what years but she was in St Cleopas before that, she was one of three with brothers John (also known as Johno, Allan & Don (also known as Doke), I dont suppose you remmeber them?

  • Ron Bretherton:

    An interesting film and as I speak a bit of German. t makes out that the majority of the youth in the Dingle are baddies and go round beating up old ladies with bike chains and pinching their bags.
    I would like to see the whole film.
    Thanks Dave

    • Think you ve got your wires crossed here Ron, George Cassidy was a member of a group and also played with the Merseybeats, he or his friends or anyone else in Dingle House went round beating up old ladies. If you interpret it properly, you can understand things like Ringo Starr, this is because George was heavily involved in the local music scene!


    • hi maureen we must know each other,i lived in arthur st, born 46 live in gambia now new ethel usher, alan scot, alan morton.hope your well.

      • thompson:

        do you know thompsons park hill road

      • Phil Nieman:

        Hi Colin
        You may remember me . Phil Nieman .
        Lived at No 16 Arthur St.
        Played many games of cricket and football with you .
        Sadly it is all down now .
        Hope you and your family are keeping well and are all in good health .

        Kind regards

        Phil Nieman

        • alan kirby:

          Hi Phil don’t know how I found this site but I remember you I lived at 18 Arthur st / How is your sister keeping Catherine I think her name was. She came out to Canada many yr’s ago / we fell out for some reason but /Water under the bridge. If you see her say Hi for me & give her my email Address Thanks Phil / Alan

        • Alan Kirby:

          Hi Phil
          it’s me again I assume your Sis is married now can you tell me her married name & if they use Facebook or her email address.
          I moved to Canada in 1966 been back a couple of times but of coarse everything has gone now & YOU cant go back Get in touch phil . thanks Alan

        • Paul Larkin:

          Hi Phil , you my hero for many years as a child , I remember your old Citroen and A amazing 3 wheel car ; loved going into your house ; we had rebel the dog you had sandy ; how are you keeping ? Don’t know if you heard our Betty died last year myself and Hughie went over to Texas to be with her , she had cancer My youngest son James came with me he is 32years old now my eldest son died 7years ago last week suddenly, he was 27years old , my wife Shirley have been married for 39 years ,she is a diamond ,I have been a driving instructor for 30years Shirley is a retired schoolteacher,we have been full time Foster carers for 15years got three girls aged 11:12:14 got our hands full; the two eldest have been here for 8years the youngest 4years this is the last time , after these ones finally leave ,if the ever do ,Haha them it’s our time,how is all of you.

          • Phil nieman:

            Hi Paul
            Just spotted your message
            Sorry to hear about your sister Betty .
            Seems like you have a busy life .
            We are all still going , last one Keith to be 70 in Dec 2019 .
            We are all married and all grandparents now . Where have the years gone
            Keep in touch

            Phil Nieman

        • Dave Swain:

          Hi Phil

          Just stumbled across this website and noticed a few names from the past. I lived in No 9 Arthur Street and was friends with your younger brothers, Derek and Keith. I also remember your older brother Sydney and sister Catherine. I would be interesting to hear how everyone is doing. I can let you have my email if you prefer.

          • Phil nieman:

            Hi David
            Only just spotted your message .
            How are you keeping
            Is your Mum still going
            Happy memories of going to the Everton games with your Dad and his footbal ref days
            Lovely to hear from you .
            Take Care


          • Phil nieman:

            Hi David
            Would like your email if possible

        • David Swain:

          Hi Phil

          Thanks for answering. My email is

          Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Patricia Berry:

      Hello Maureen
      My cousins lived at 17F Dingle House. Jimmy, Brian, John, Maureen, Pat & Eileen Tracy
      I used to go there in the 1950′s
      Pat Berry

    • brenda kay:

      Hello maureen,.Do you remember me Brenda Kay from Southhill house we lived in 8c? x

      • Hi Brenda
        I remember you i lived at 3a Southill House,i was a mate of your Emily,Betty Smith,Jean Southern
        great to hear of You hope you and Emily are keeping well,they were the fun days in the block
        regards Sylvia

        • Brenda Higgin (Cardwell):

          Hi Sylvia what year did you live in Southhill House, I lived in 18f till 1962 went to Mathew Arnold and DVS think I remember you

  • Mark McCartney:

    fantastic would love a copy if possible, can you e-mail me the details – thanks

  • I was also born and raised in Dingle House, and know lots of the people on there,I would also like a copy if possible please. Thank you for screening this.

    • Bill Croft:

      Hi.Brenda,don’t know if you remember me and my family my sister was Gladys we lived in 7e,Iwent to live in Canada when i retured my mum and dad had been moved to number 20e, the Nelsons flat. Are you the sister of Lilian Wright, who lied on the top landing?I went to live in th block about 1946, I still keep in touch with Arthur Craven he lives in Skem, Must close now remember me to all the folks that may remember me. Bill Croft.

      • joyce hewitt (wilson):

        hi billy do you remember me, i was born in 7f dingle house. my mum was josie and my dad tommy wilson. i used to babysit for your sister gladis. i lived there till they was demolished in 1986 brings back old memories.

      • Brenda Robson:

        Hi Bill (Croft), yes I remember Gladys well, think she was my mum’s bridesemaid, Lilly is my auntie, my dad was Billy Wright, we lived with my nan in 11F when I was born then we went to live in South Hill House, my mum’s name was Esther (Acky) Atkins, my nanny Acky lived in 17E Dingle House, we did have a pic of your Gladys on my mum’s wedding, but unfortunately t got lost when my mum died.. will tell our Lil you mentioned her.

      • pauline king:

        hya bill

      • chrissy (steele) baxendale:

        hi bill do you remember me i was glady’s friend your mother made the best coconut cakes in the block

        • Maureen Woods nee Eaton:

          Hi Crissy I’m Maureen Woods nee Eaton we lived next door to you and Eileen and Uncle Tom in dingle house do you remember me, also my brother Bill?

      • Hi Bill Do You Remember Me Janet Frazer I lived In 9E I Was friends With Gladys Say Hello

    • Alan Robson:

      Hi Brenda,
      I lived in Dingle House )1b) during the 60′s!

  • Tommy Brown:

    I think Ron was saying that the German comments where saying that the Dingle was rough, not that Georgie Cassidy was. It was rough, and there were baddies around, just like any other city in the land. There was also lots of respect for older people and people would bend over backwards to help each other, even people they didn’t particularly like.It’s good to see me Gan standing outside our house,well me 2nd home I would love a copy of the full documentary too. Nice one

  • Saw my nan kitty and auntie mary loads of memories and a few tears fantatic. Would love a copy for my mum janet x

  • Lynn (Brown) Lawrenson:

    This is great. Makes you smile and at the same time brings a tear to your eye. I would love a copy.

  • Great film. pity the rest of it is not available

    • Vinnie Marnell:

      Hi Robbie,

      Just wondering are you the same Robbie who used to knock about with my mums brother Steve Kelly? I am his nephew Vinnie Marnell

  • admin:

    Thanks for the comments folks. I don’t know where you can get a copy of this. I have the full version of it. I’ll see if it’s possible to put it online.

    • Alan Kirby:

      did you have any luck with being able to put this film on line I would love to see this I lived on Arthur St way back in the 50s=60s

  • joan sheen:


  • Karen Gorst:

    Hi, this is great! Please can you send me a full copy of the video, I will be willing to pay!



  • Steve:

    Great clip, played down there as a kid in the 50s & 60s. Love to see the whole film.

  • syd hall:

    I went to the same schools as george, I was in the same classes at school, I can rememer him bringing a set of drums in when we were in the 4 th year at dingle vale, I think it may be the same year are year we all went to longerheads north Wales, I seem to think he left school before me, this is the first time I have seen him in 50 odd years, how time passes so quick, love a copy of the film, ps I can never remember george fighting at school, he always seemed quiet and his mate Billy mc nulty,thanks for the memory.

  • sandra:

    my dad was born in dingle house in 1941, my nan is on the video smoking x

    • frank taylor:

      hi sandra i lived in 8d dingle my family was one of the first to move in my mums maiden name was winnie heron,the lady smoking in the film was our nextdoor neighbour,and my mums mate elsie humphries,happy times it was fab

    • Tim Roberts:

      My mum was born in Dingle Vale in 1943 – Her name was Dorothy Thompson – Her mother was Ellen (Nelly) Thompson. I think they were in 3c, but could be wrong.

      • Betty Wright:

        I remember your mum she lived in 3a she had a brother Gorden,

        she took over my job in Wolfendens when I left in 1967

    • stephen:

      hi my dad was living in dingle house Anthony McDonough and his brothers Arthur mc Bernie mc and sis Maureen ,they had sisters has well his mum name is Elizabeth mc donough nee gruthrie .

  • Gordon:

    Memories, I was born in Dingle Mount in 1952 fantastic times, went to Mathew Arnold then Dingle Vale.
    Would love to see the whole of the video.



  • Lisa Earp:

    fantastic Memories Made me smile but also brought a tear to my eye I was born in Dingle House as was my sisters Dawn, Paula & Debbie Are mum is Nephinia Longworth/Fay Beckett. I could just picture me Nanna Winnie standing on the landing ha ha, I now live in Australia and have done for the past 29 years and would be ever so gratefull if i could get a copy of this video, i am willing to pay would love to show my children where i come from as i often talk about Dingle House to them THANKS this video made my day. Lisa (Beckett)

  • Brenda:

    Great film. Would love to see more if possible. Do you know where I can get any old photos of the Dingle? I lived in Greig Street

  • George:

    I lived in The Dingle from 1961-1968 and loved it. This footage really tugs at the heart strings. oh the days of innocence. I remember my Dad taking me and my sister to both the parks, Princes and Sefton and the old Fire Station in Bevedere Road. Does anyone the Ice Cream Parlour in Park Road ? Now living in London but each time i’m home me and Dad usually take a trip down to the South End. I used to attend St Finbars School and would love to hear from anyone who also went there,

    Warm Regards To All George.

    PS: It would be great to see the whole film !

    • John Kennedy:

      The ice-cream parlour was Capaldi’s. I think there might still be one in Kensington. Do you remember the fancy cake shop on the left side of Park Road (looking downhill) ? We called it Leafy Martin’s, but I suspect it was a French shop and its name an ‘interpretation’ rather than translation! I too, now live in London. I attended Upper Park Street School, the Toxteth High School.

      • Veronica.coulduck:

        I went to mount Carmel school, and the only time I went to capaldis was after I had been to the dentists…my mother used to take me as a treat….Bizarre….taking me there to get more cavities….Toxteth mums were great

        • IZ WRIGHT (FEGAN):

          Veronica, I know your name. I have a feeling you were friends with my sister Pat (we lived in Wynnstay Street).

          • Veronica wells nee coulduck:

            HI Yes…..our mums were great friends….Our whole family gradually moved out to Prestatyn ,North wales in about 1969…..I had three sisters.Lily.Eileen..both now sadly passed away with breast cancer and a younger sister Joan…also two older brothers James..who lives in Australia..and Richie who lives in New Zealand…I have three lovely daughters and 7 Grandkids…..Lovely to think of younger days


      Hi George,I was at St.Finbar’s School from 1958-1963 and was in Mr.Thomas’s class,then Miss Gilham’s.The headmaster was Mr.Thomas.It was a great school,but Miss Gilham terrified me at times.I was bellringer,then headgirl!Those heady days of power! Do you remember the May Processions around the schoolyard?What is your surname?I wonder if I knew you? Hope you see this and answer.Nostalgia is wonderful! Best wishes,Paula.

  • stevie:

    great film would love to see the whole lot of it, loved living in the blocks

  • bobby:

    great film brought back all the memories of the blocks

  • kidder:

    is that the block where all the orange lived

  • Alan Lloyd:

    Great clip what is the name of the full movie,brings back a lot of memories..

    Where can i get the movie?

  • wilson_cl:

    What a great clip, thanks you so much for posting it. Would be great to see the full film if there is anymore clips of Dingle House. My family were also born in Dingle house they lived there from about the 1940′s till 1986 when it was demolished. Family names include Wilson, Bell and Harwood.

    • Ian:

      Hi, you mention the Harwoods…My grandfather was a Harwood, Tom, lots of brothers and he lived in Dingle House.

      • Brenda Robson:

        Hi Ian, your grandfather Tommy Harwood, was his wife and his daughter’s name Phyllis? if so they lived next door to us in South Hill House, I spend many a night sitting with Phyllis watching their telly (we never had one).. Phyllis was older than me but we still spent time together, they moved to Speke, I went up to see them a few times with my mum and they came down to ours, but lost touch.
        Brenda Wright

        • Ian Kewley:

          Hi Brenda, sorry I have only just seen your reply….Yes, my nan was Phyllis and yes they moved to speak. Nan died 10 years ago and grandad tommy 5. My mum, their daughter Phyllis is still alive and lives on the Wirral. Dad still does the accounts for the SAMS club (Southern Area Memorial Hall)….Are you still in Liverpool?

          • Brenda Robson:

            Hi Ian, yes am still in the Dingle, am in a flat now on Park Road, right by the new Tesco, I lived next door to the Gaumont Picture house for 27 years (your mum will remember the Gaumo) but sold up recently and moved to a flat, much better for me.

        • Phyllis Kewley nee Harwood:

          Ian told me about this. I live on the wirral now, have 2 children, Ian and Lesley. both grown up with children themselves.

          I remember the old times very well, we had some laughs with your mum!

  • Alan Craven:

    Cracking clip, I was also born and bred in the block at 1F, moved to Speke in 1963, but still went to the block every night to see my mates some of them – Gerry McConville, Alfie Frances, Brian Mitchell, Terry Dooley, The McCartneys and loads more, seems like yesterday looking at the clip, marvellous, fully emigrated now and live in Wigan

    • Brenda Robson:

      Hi Alan, I remember you well, you were the same age as me, I remember you going out with Brenda Wilson when we were kids… my name was Wright, my nan lived in 11F, Terry Dooley was my cousin …

      • Alan Craven:

        Hi Brenda I remember you and most of the others who have left comments, Alfie Francis, Tommy Brown, Maureen Dooley, the Longworth girls and most of the others, what a community it was, but I dont think we realised at the time, cant turn the clock back, but lots of great memories

  • i lived of dingle lane for over 30 years very close community we spent our youth playing football in those blocks great memories place was filled with characters.

  • I lived in 8 d Dingle House from 1934 – 1960.Does anyone remember Diddle Stant,Ronnie Daly,Bob Lee ( a black vicious mongrel that frightened all the kids) Kenny Fitzmorris Tommy Brophy – or any of the 12 of them.I went to Mount Carmel (the tin school) Great days!!! Jimmy Heron

    • jan steveson nee stant:

      hi jimmy my dad was diddels stanley we moved out in 1969 what a fella my dad waswe had agreat life in dingle house but my mum primmy wanted a garden rember my nanny stant lived in 3b and we lived i 8b sadley my dad dad passed away in 74 we still miss him i have a great photo of dad an uncle tom and tommy linsner and there were 2 other mates one might be you why was he called diddels all the best jimmy jani was 18 when we left

      • Hi Janet, just found you name on a dingle website, can’t believe it’s you after all these years. How are you? I often think about you and your family, forgot to say who it is, I am Barbara Evans, I do hope you still remember me. Jan do you remember doing my hair for my wedding? Love to catch up some time Lots of love to all of the family, Barbara x

        • Janet stevenson:

          Hi barb of course I remember you thank you so much for remembering me do you still live in widnes may be we could meet in pesto for lunch one day and catch up thanks a million jan xxx

          • Hi Janet, sorry for the delay. I would love to see you again, I moved to Formby when I remarried. Anywhere would be fine with me looking forward to seeing you again, Love Barbara xxx.

      • Maureen Woods nee Eaton:

        Hi Janet do you remember me? We use to be friends many years ago, there was you, me,Shirley Bath, Dave Hanson, Wally Crosbie and Tommy Bell, I lived in 5d you lived on the bottom landing.

        • Hi Maureen of course I remember you I often think about our good times .i remember all your family your mum dad ,billy your nan and your grandad we used to visit in Carl gardens .remember when I used to meet you from work aryton Saunders .we had some great times Maureen gaultons we got there to early and used to sit on the wall .

  • Michael:

    I lived in Southill House 18a corner ground floor, was the best place in the world to grow up. Went to Matthew Arnold Primary school, loved the place. Do you have any photographs of the area from that time

    • terry shaw:

      lived 75 south hill rd. next to the tenny. absalutly fantastic days.

    • amy ormesher nee ainsworth:

      i was born in dingle house moved to south hill when i was 5 married leslie ormesher joey hounslea donald bagshaw cyril huges margeret collins she used to play goalie for the lads sylvia even florence christy the clarks lads frankie loftus loads more what times we had used to tell ghost storie sitting on the cold stairs all go to new ferry baths on a sunday loads of good memories burning judus the doing potatoes in the ashes

      • Phyllis Kewley nee Harwood:

        Bill & I were married on the same day as you, we even went to the same place on honeymoon, remember we met up for a drink!

        • Brenda Robson:

          Hi Phyllis, I used to live next door to you, my mum was Esther and my dad was Billy, I was the eldest of the 3 girls, I used to come in and sit in yours sometimes and watch your t.v. I remember visiting your mum and dad up in speke, went up there with my mum.

      • Michael:

        Hi Amy, I remember burning Judas at Easter, there was one year in South Hill where someone put a lorry tyre on the bonnie, there was murder.. … what year did you live there? We lived at 18a until the 70s

      • Bernie Jones:

        I am a cousin do the Harvey’s who lived in 68 south ill house, would you have known them, they were all good lads. Bernie

  • i lived in high park street next door to mount carmel club moynihams sweet shop on corner tay street happy days there our local pub was the queens corner of devonshire road our lovely shopping trips down park road princes park and sefton park on the doorstep i wrote a poem about the dingle i will send it later joyce xx

    • Vic B 1968eckett:

      Hi Joyce
      We lived in Moville St off Park Rd married in Mt Carmel in 1968 and went to Mt Carmel club every Sunday night ended up living in Fullwood Village until November 1984 when we moved to Southampton. Nothing like Liverpool, never have friends and a community like that again. Keep well nice to talk.
      Regards Vic Beckett

  • poem by joyce clark called the magic of the 50s i had a walk down memory lane but places never seemed the same my primary school in beaufort street was the place my friends would meet the playyard we would laugh and play stands now forlorn its had its day mill street were we used to shop old friends gone but not forgot the palace isnow an empty shell so much memories it can tell excited kids couldnt wait to go to see thier favourite picture show florence institute stands in ruin no more laughter can be heard no sign of life anywere i happily spent my childhood there now today no one cares my little home in woodruff street the street i used to play as now long gone to my dismay time goes so quickly time does fly i wiped a tear straight from my eye the 50 s was a magic time these memories will always be mine written by joyce clark nee mccabe

  • alfie francis:

    lots of memories of the block and all mates sandy,jimmy,alan,tommy,terry,the mac,s,kenny,gerry,bobby mick,gorge, our brian mick,jimmy bamber,brian jones,and all the rest of the and girls of dingle house ,nice to see the block again,

  • John Wilcott:

    I remember the film being made, i think part of it was made in the kings dock, would love to see the whole film, how would i get a copy or could you publish a copy on the internet or send it to my email address, thanks.

  • HI


    I am not sure if you can help with this request, I was watching the footage of Dingle Block and was wandering if you are in any way involved in maybe retrieving a copy of the whole Video if so could you please reply. I currently live in Australia but all my Family still live in Liverpool and my mum and her 2 sisters lived in Dingle Block and myself and My 3 sisters where all born there.

    Many Thanks

    Lisa Earp
    Daughter of one of the Longworth Girls

  • Thank you, I have recently been searching for info approximately this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure concerning the supply?|What i do not understood is in fact how you are now not actually much more well-preferred than you might be now. You are so intelligent.

  • john nestor:

    hi i lived in 20d dingle house from 1962 to 71 just watched vid clip showing the block brought back so many memories of best years of my childhood dont know if anyone remembers me but i remember a few family names from my days there such as the lightfoots, the kings, mingards, aldridges,the jones’s, lamberts, would love to chat with anyone from my time in dingle house or the surrounding area thanks. john nestor

    • david lightoot:

      h,i john , i remember you from the block.used to live at 16b,my memories of the block aint so rosey .

      • Ron Pitchford:

        Ron Pitchford

        Hi Dave lived in the block from 1961 to 1971. I was good mates with David and Paul Lightfoot. Do you still live in the dingle. Does anyone remember my dad Reggie or my mum Veronica Burke and Uncle Vinny Burke .

  • joe:

    Hi Dave,

    came onto this clip a bit late, but very interested in getting a full copy if still available, let’s know.

    Joe McKenna

  • paul:

    does anyone remember the mcinerneys from dingle

  • Karen:

    My Nan and Grandad lived in 16f (Mary Shipsides nee Griffiths and George Shipsides). Does anyone have any memories or information about them. They lived there in 1941.

  • alan barker:

    colin lancaster, i remember the name from mathew arnold and dingle vale, i lived in southill house, was a great mate of alan scott who lived in dingle house, played football for the mount, or the six day house , as it was known, we would meet outside dingle house on a sunday morning then go to the game by coach, the coach was always full, great memories.

    • Brenda Robson:

      Hi Alan, I too lived in South Hill House, in 15e first, then we swapped with Mrs. Prendergast and lived in 7D, I remember Alan Scott very well, he was good friends with my cousins, Terry and Willy Dooley, did you know that Alan and his wife were, unfortunately, killed by their son who was a schizophrenic, very tragic, Tommy Linsner was a good mate of Alan’s too! My two nan’s lived in Dingle House. What number did you live in?


      that,s sound alan. scotty was a good mate of mine, and alan morton (spike) from the next block john moulton from southhill rd, used 2 ride all over north wale,s on are bike,s. playing down the cassy .great day,s .am living in gambia now .done 33years at ford,s and 13years in 4para reserve. great 2 read this page.

  • Terri:

    Hello fellow Dingle-ites,
    What happy memories i still have of living in Dingle House we lived in 7c,

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m trying to trace the family & fate of a lady who lived for years at 9e Dingle House. Sounds like many of you must have known her. Her name was Margaret Birch, born around 1905ish. She was definitely at Dingle house in 1944 & got remarried from there in 1968, then in her 60s, although the marriage was not in Liverpool. Any help would be very much appreciated. Please phone me on 0151-249 7597. Many thanks!

  • My wife and i were both brought up in Bowring St, Dingle. She was friends with Christine Costello, Linda Wealthy she can remember a girl called Sylvia. We both reminisce although on a seperate basis, when you walked through the entrance of the Tenny’ from Dingle lane on a Sunday at 12.00. you got a waft of “Sunday Roast” I bet this brings back memories for a lot of people, wherever they may be…mmm still smell it now!!

    Roy Hall

    • Brenda Robson:

      Hi Roy, Christine Costello lived in my block South Hill House, the one right by Matthew Arnold, there was another girl called Sylvia Evans, is this who you re thinking of? and yes, as you walked along each landing in the ‘block’ you could smell the roasts emanating from each flat… happy days.

      • Roy Hall:

        Yes Brenda it was Sylvia Evans. Thanks for this. When we got married we lived at my Grandma’s house in China Town (Granville St) We then moved to Byles st,back in the Dingle then as always’you want independance so we took a house in Plevna St, right next to Matthew Arnold playground. I would walk through the Tenny’s at 5.30 a.m to get a bus to the Pier Head then get the ferry to Woodside then get the bus (if I had the fair) or walk with a run down to Cammell Lairds to start at 7.30.a.m. Not complaining, had a job’ second child on the way time to move on!! no regrets.


      Hi Roy, we lived at 29 Bowring St until the late sixties when we got shipped out to Speke. Our house was above the old cow sheds at the end. I don’t suppose you have any photos of the street ?

      cheers, Bill

  • Roy Hall:

    Whenwe wereat Matthew Arnold School they organised a trip to Port St,Mary Isle of Man. We slept in a church hall on straw pailiases. Me George and Im not too sure but Billy McNulty might have been with us. We went to Woolies and bought a few nick nacks and some other things that seemd to fall into our pockets. George was as far I know, the only one who wrote to his mum and sister nearly every day. He would send broches in the post. He had a wonderful temperament. He would never belong or imbibe to any violence group. In fact none of my Dingle friends had had any trouble with the police. Our parents strictly working class with Working class values,that’s how we were brought up.Also I had never heard of any violence towards old people in the neighbourhood. That’s not to say we were Angels we were’nt.. But avoided bad company whenever we could. Before I left Liverpool I remember reading in the Echo that George had just been made upto Sargeant in the Royal Marines! Would love to know what he’s upto.


      hi roy,colin lancaster here from sunny gambia 80f at mo.i remember the isle of man trip couldent beleave it when the porthole,s went underwater on the trip out.remember the trip to romley marsh in kent had never seen apple and pear tree,s lining the road before they dident last long. next trip i remember was 2 italy with jerry dawson and his wife 1 easter we beat eyeties at futty.happy day,s mate.

    • Andie Brown:

      Hi Roy, George Cassidy is my uncle :) he joined the marines and moved to Portsmouth where he met his wife Anne and had 2 sons Craig and Graham, Craig inherited his dads love of music and is a talented guitarist/drummer, after leaving the marines he moved back up north and is now living in Ellesmere Port. He’s retired now but still playing guitar like a pro :)

  • syd hall:

    Great to see your name Roy, there was only a couple of Halls in Matthew Arnold and Dingle Vale and I think it was you and me, I dont know if we are family,I moved out of the Dingle when I was 14 up to the green fields of Childwall, I have moved about all over the place in the last 53 years. Its great to see all the names I know from my school days . I delivered papers working for Mr Cooper in Cockburn Street, in the area the tennies and the shore field streets, I could always read the comics before any one else, in the summer months not the winter, it was a little on the cold side and there was always wind running up the river mersey. I can remember the smells first thing of a morning of toast some times bacon frying, if there was any other aromas I could not smell it as I could not wait to get home, to get my breakfast , it was specular on a Sunday, were everyone seemed to have a fry up or salt fish, ( did not like salt fish)At Christmas my packets would be full of coins with the tips that I had been given from very good natured people of my little area in the Dingle, god bless all of them.

  • Roy Hall:

    Yes Syd I think you are right.There were few Hall’s about the Dingle I do remember you as I still have a photo of Matthew Arnold with all the kids we went to School with. Names like Billy Mcnulty,Barry Bilsborough (went to his 60th) Eddie Pope, Tony Edwards,Yourself and lots more whom I cannot recall their names. My first job was in Waterworths Park Road. I started there when I was 13 just before Christmas I was amazed with the amount of tips I got. I gave my Mum the wages and kept the tips myself. I could go to the Gaumo’ and watch a U film! and buy an Orange Maid! We still have a Fry-up on Sunday (in Spain since 2009) but we have it for Brunch. I also moved around last place was Market Drayton Shropshire. Had enough of various things going on in UK mainly the bloody weather as we, my wife and I suffer from Arthritis so the warmer weather helps. The Dingle was a great place in Liverpool to be in it had it’s drawbacks but one thing for sure it taught you damn good Streetology which kept us out of trouble etc, Hope you have had a good Christmas mate, All the best from Roy.

    • geoff lonsdale:

      I too went to Matthew Arnold, I have a photo of Mr Savage the headmaster. I lived on Homer st, also on Garswood st. My dad was born and lived on Plevna St. The name Barry billsborough rings a bell he lived 2 doors away from me. Also Freddie Davis. I actually passed my 11 plus exam and went to Hillfoot Hey. My dad went to D.V.S. It was rough growing up but great memories. Anyone remember burning Judas at Easter, we used to get up at 5 a.m. get wood from anywhere and burn it at the bottom of Homer St. Then we would fight the kids who would try and steal our wood. GREAT DAYS,

    • PixiesMum:

      Have just discovered this website. It’s fascinating that you worked in Waterworths. I remember Waterworths greengrocers because I lived close by, above Vickers Television and Radio shop on Park Road. Next door to us we had Cleggs the grocer and the other side of us was a dry cleaners. On the corner there was a butcher. My mother worked evenings for a while in Eric’s chippy around the corner for a bit of extra money. I remember that living conditions were pretty poor (we were lucky enough to have a nice pale green bathroom suite in the flat but the luxury was an illusion. There was no hot water coming out of the taps – we had to boil water up in a big electric cauldron and bale it into the bath with buckets!) but there was a good sense of community. I was good friends with a couple of the girls from the flats, Ann Dooley and Rita Aldridge. We all went to “Maggie Ann”, as did my twin brother. Mr Savage was his headmaster and the headmistress of the girl’s school was Miss Eaton-Jones. My favourite teacher was the art teacher, Mrs Rowley – she encouraged me with my painting and drawing and I subsequently trained as an art teacher myself.
      The places I remember are the Capaldi where they had a juke box and the most amazing Italian ice cream, Rene’s, the Castle, Ray’s china shop and the Co-op where they had a system where they put your money into a sort of metal jar and it whizzed along wires to an office where they gave you your change and receipt and sent it whizzing back down to the counter!
      Lots of comments on the website brought back memories. Unfortunately,though I recognise street names etc, I haven’t seen any names that ring a bell. I was wondering, Roy, if you remember any of these names, because I’d dearly love any reminiscences: Cathy and David Newman (twins), Stanley Billingsley, David Maltby, Edith Tyrer, Sue Bannon, Rita Daley, Rita Aldridge, Ann Dooley, Kathleen Brady. All good wishes to you and yours for 2014.

      • sheila steel:

        Ive just come across this site after reading about matthew arnold school, it really has brought back memories. I remember Rita Daly Edith Tyler David Moltby-they all lived in Leonora Street as I did .I lived in number 5 .My grandad was the lollypop man on the crossing of Park road /Peel street/Southhill road I remember Kathleen Brady as she had the same birthday as me.We used to play in the cellars of Vickers,there was a salukie dog called Sheila! I also went to Dingle Vale.My best friend was Irene Goffey,she sadly died in 1974 as a result of a road accident.I still keep in touch with her cousin Cathy ( Povey).Do you see anyone from then?

        • Dave Maltby:

          Hi Sheila,
          Yes I remember you very well. Mr Bailey was the Lollipop man and was a real nice gent. I left the street in 1965 to join the Army and finished in 1990. No just retired and living Warrington. I recall Rita Daly who lived next door and sadly she died at a very you age. As you say many happy memories, remember the coach to Blackpool every year?

        • jim mccoyt:

          Hi Sheila Met you at Billy Ridens wedding in the early 60s, knew your sister Peta, Think her boyfriend was Terry Ramsey. Sure you knew Billys wife Lynn

        • marie oorlase:

          Hi Sheila , remember me from Matthew Arnold ?

        • marie borlase:

          Hi again, typing error,. My maiden name was Borlase. I remember Irene well and her cousin Cathy. My sister< Pat< was a friend of your sister, Peta, Do you remember me?

          • helen marks:

            like most ex-pats i often troll the web looking at the good ol’ days of 1960′s liverpool. didn’t realise how lucky and happy some things were.
            i didn’t live in the Dingle, but we went to Mabel’s together from ’64 to ’67.
            i’m now living in canada, but often return to the ‘pool for reunions with the guys ‘n gals from Walton, some of whom, had also attended Mabels with us. the big 50 next year.
            look after yourself.

          • Peter Fink:

            Marie, I remember you when I was about 5 or 6 because you babysat my older sister and me (in the mid 1960s). I also remember my mum taking me to Pat’s wedding (was her husband called Don?) and I also remember your mum gave me a photograph of the Beatles.

          • Hi Marie just wondering if you were Lynne Hamilton’s friend

          • Were you Lynne Hamilton’s friend

        • Do you remember the Jeffers Family on Leonora Street? My Nan (Margaret) lived there. She had 4 children Marian, Jean, George and Margaret (my mum)

  • D E Cole:

    Great memories of a bygone age ! my Nan and Grandad had a house on Grafton Street not far from the Iron Bridge, we used to watch the “puffer trains” as they went past and blew their whistle and waved to us !, a New year all the ships on the river would blow their sirens and let off flares !. The house was knocked down ad they ended up moving out to Kirby communitities ripped apart it was a crying shame ! they had been born and brought up in the area for over 70 years ….love to see the rest of the film XX

  • Patrick Gibbons:

    Hi my name is Patrick Gibbons and I’m looking for people who knew James & Patrick Gibbons who lived at 35a Dingle Mount there mother was Mary Atherton I never got to know my dads brother James who was murdered by his step father at there home in Dingle Mount, I would be gratefull for any memories anyone would have of James, my dad Patrick or the rest or the rest of his family.

    Kind Regards

    • Kay:

      Hi Everyone
      Within the Gibbons family does anyone know of a Keith Gibbons, who possibly moved to the Toxteth area and as far as know up to now his mother married “Mr Ali” who ran the corner shop on Granby Road.

  • Karen Williams (Theobald):

    Hi, my name is Karen Williams nee Theobald. I also lived in dingle house, 16d. My mum was Maureen Humphreys and dads name was Fred Theobald. Lots of great memories of living in the block . The theobalds were a big family. My nan and grandad lived in dingle lane tennies. My mums mum and dad lived in 7d and then moved to 20d. Elsie and tommy Humphreys. They lived next door to the herons.. We moved to allerton in 1971 and Sarah heron lived over the road from us. Sadly my beautiful dad passed away 10 years ago now, miss him more than words can say, but some of the theobalds are still in the dingle. I remember some people from the block, the bambers, lived in the corner. Ruth used to babysit , my sister, brother and myself. The nelsons johnny and Nellie. Mum and dad used to go the Phoenix with them. Also the nestors and the jones on our landing. We used to live on top of jimmy turner. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family. God bless.

  • Syd Hall:

    Hi, Roy Thay say coming from the dingle, thay say it is our given rights to have arthrites and a bad chest, so I am told, may be its some thing to do with the old houses we lived in or what came from the oil tanksdocks etc.Names I can remember are Eric cole,,Fred Greaves,, Joe Fogg,,Syd Williams,John Ruderford,Les Owens,and a lad called Sugar who I would play heads at dinner time,My grand parents and great grand parents where from the dingle, Wellington road area and Toxteth Smithdown road I would love to know if your great great grand parents where from Cheadle Staffordshire, I would love a copy of tha old photo to show my grand children, all the very best, dont let the arthrites get you down, thay tell me to keep on the move, thats why I am still working, Syd Hall

  • Fantastic would love a copy if possible.I lived in 3A Southill House my Nan lived in Dingle House next door to the
    Cassidy’s,my cousin is Billy McNulty.Remember most of the people on the video.Thank you for bringing back
    happy memories.Many Thanks


  • Would like to see the full video. Sylvia Freeman

  • Roy Hall:

    Yes Colin, I remember Gerry Dawson organising that trip to Italy that must have been where Dougie Meakin fell in love with the Country I guess? If I remember rightly it cost about £17.00. wow! but most of us could not afford this sum as the average weekly wage was around £10.00. per week…boo hoo! so you where one of the lucky ones. Oh’ by the way Temp here today on the terrace is 36.C.(Valencia)

    All the best


  • Roy Hall:

    syd my eamail address is

  • kevin johnson:

    Hi george,My names kevin johnson i lived in south street in the 1960s was born in 1959,i was brought up in the south end,i used to attend st.finbars in the 1960s.i used to go to school with the cormacks,there was steven,martin ,and they had 2 sisters,we left because they were knocking the houses down,

  • kevin johnson:

    hi sylvia,i used to go to school with jimmy cassidy.hes dad used to own the sweet shop at the top of admiral street opposite were the police station is now,i dont know if its the same cassidys,sorry my names kevin johnson.i lived in 17 south street,the park road end.

  • norman williams:

    Any info please on a whole (missing part of the Dingle). namely ruby st, emerald st, nestor st, loxdale st, hurry st all gone but not fogotten because me and my family and friends lived there bless them all

  • janet jones( nee frazer):

    I remember gladys croft – i went to school with her. I lived in 9e. my mum was kitty borthers and sisters mary, doreen, bobby, willy, margaret marie john and tommy

  • Syd Hall:

    Hi, the Williams family lived in Ruby Street, they were good friends with my sisters Cathy and Irene and Sandra in the fifties, I have a photo of Ruby street it looks like it was take in 1958 there is a number of children playing where the Williams lived,

  • Jan Whiting:

    Hello there, I would love to see this. I lived on Grafton Street so the above image is most evocative and nostalgic. I left Liverpool when I was 10 in 1971 to move to Woolly Back land but returned to Liverpool most holidays to stay with the Donga’s on Badminton Street. Anyone reading this may remember some of these names.


    • bill seville:

      I lived at 453 Grafton Street,with my parents until the early 1960′s.went to Matthew Arnold school,and Hutchy Hall sunday school.Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sandra Hughes who used to live on Grafton street near us

  • Ken Holland:

    Well I went to Matthew Arnold and DVS was in class 4AC last year at DVS. I lived at 64 Cleopas Street. Remember coming home from pottery and throwing anything we made off the top floor of the tennies. Jerry Dawson, Bob Corlette were my favorite teachers forgot also Miss Hughes (great set of knockers) hate Percy Leggat and Segal the math teacher. Always wanted to go to Lake Como with Jerry Dawson but with five kids and dad in hospital with TB never gonna happen. Kicked around with Alan Hughes, Mick Talbot and Cliffy Hartly. Bugs Billesbourgh, Kenny Cole and the only black guy in the school Kenny Davis. Great days lot’s of good memories especially New Years Eve on the Dock Road.

    • syd nickson:

      We could never afford to go on the Italy trip but other teachers I remember are Cyril Makin,what a shocker he was(first 1ac class) Arthur Upfold,Harry hoole science,martin &Joyce woodwork,Mold metalwork,Jamieson pottery Frank Braillie, headmaster Albert Verr(virr) ex Everton fc,cant remember the history or geography teachers names but one was a weirdo and the other one very reserved.Interesting times but can’t say I really enjoyed school.

      • syd nickson:

        just remembered the two missing teachers Caldicott and Holland

      • p virr:

        Dear sir
        You mention the headmaster albert Virr
        - I’m wondering if her is a relation of mine. do you remember anything else about him
        was one of his middle names ‘coronation’ by any chance
        many thanks
        Mrs Virr

        • Rob Sawyer:

          That is the same Albert Virr as your relative – maybe you could contact me re further information about Albert (I am an EFC historian)

  • geoff lonsdale:

    For Roy and Syd Hall. I too worked as a paperboy at Sam Coopers, my grandad used to work there as well. His name was Jim Edwards and lived at 16 Garswood St.. I have a photo of my class when I was 7 at Matthew Arnold if anyone would like a copy contact me at

    I now live in the States but would love to reminisce over the old days. We were poor but I grew up happy. Doors where never locked, if you ran out of anything just go next door borrow theirs and pay them back later. How things change. I lived at 25 Homer St. off Cockburn until1959 and moved to Kensington. My dad Jim Lonsdale was the local chimney sweep and would borrow my bike untile he bought a van, We would then take the kids to Stebble Street baths for a treat where we would have the best hot toast I have ever had. Love to hear from anybody.

    • syd nickson:

      I used to buy 2 slices of that toast from the wash house after life saving classes with Bob Corlett ,what a great bloke he was,the toast was the best.

  • Pauline Kennedy (Taylor):

    Hi my name is Pauline Kennedy my mum and dad were Winnie and Frank Taylor we lived with my grandad Charlie Heron in 8d Dingle House at one time my Aunty Sarah (Sergison) and her kids lived there as well. I went to St Finbars and remember Mr Thomas the head master a lovely man. I was a nurse working in the 80′s in Walton A&E when Mr Thomas and his sister were brought in after a RTA. I was so surprised to see him. I remember telling the sister in charge that I couldn’t possibly undress him as he was my old headmaster. When I did pluck up the courage to go into the cubical I was greeted with “hello Pauline how are your famy” he then proceeded to rattle off all my cousins names who had also attended St Finbars. They don’t make them like that any more. Likewise Dr’s Yates and Ratoff try and get antibiotics of them lol x

  • Joyce Sutton [jennings]:

    Hello my name is Joyce Sutton [Jennings] lived in Dingle from 1945 to late 60′s would love to see all of this film which has brought bback many memories

  • dougie meakin:

    for sidney nickson thanks for saying hello it was lovely hearing from you i’m not in facebook but my daughter is Krystall Meakin so get in touch through my daughter ok Sid.

    • syd nickson:

      I,ll do that Dougie,Ive’got a book that Jerry Dawson wrote before he died called left theatre,picked it up thru a company called abe books on line.It,s got a couple of photo”s you might be interested in.cheers be in touch,regards Syd

    • george thomas:

      hi doug, just looking up streets in the dingle ,and came across your name in the comments column. how are you and your family?
      i still see tommy and eileen occasionally and ask tom how you are. tom says he phones you.
      i wont type too much , cause i am not exactly a whiz on the computer, and you may not get this message. if you do it would be great to hear from you.
      just before i go , i was talking to frankie connor who was interested in some autographed albums i had to sell. when i told him i was your cousin he said he used to play guitar with you in your house in gilpin street, and asked me how you were. hope to hear from you.

  • Joe:

    Hi everyone.

    My mum Jackie Sergeson was born and raised in the Dingle with a load of siblings. They lived in 21A Dingle Mount.

    She always says what a great place to grow up.

  • dougie

    hi george nice to hear from you well yes our tommy phones me about every fortnight and keeps me informed about all of you so look after yourself your cousin doug.

  • Lee Burns:

    Just watched the video. What a blast from the past seeing the old blocks again. My dad and his family lived in one of the blocks. Sorry I cant remember which one. The family name was Burns and my dad was called Jimmy or aka Glimp by his friends. I used to go to my Nan’s house every Sunday when I was growing up and I remember the house was always filled to the brim with my family and friends. My dad was also a avid footballer and played and managered some of the football teams in Dingle. The Sixty, St.Pats and St.Finnbars. I also remember St.Finnbars a lot as my dad and his friends drank their regularly on a Friday night. Thanks for the memories.

    • Alan barker:

      Hi lee, remember your dad and is brother Marty, we played football for hours in the block, they lived in the corner on the ground floor, marty only had one arm, if I remember, great games and times, Sydney williams, pop grice, sugar Poole, Tommy mcandrew, Arthur Johnson and James Johnson sugar butties and a sterry bottle fullof water at half time, he was a great lad your dad

  • Ken Holland:

    Just re-reading the notes and noticed Jerry Dawson’s name a lot. He got me into the Green Dragon drama group and we played in lot’s of productions around Liverpool. Really like Jerry as I was good at PE as it was called then. I remember two guys who had a real hard time in his class John Borlace and a guy called Edwards can’t remember his first name but his parents had a sweet shop on Mill Street. Some other people I remember are Sandy Walker, Dominic Walker they went to the Catholic school and Dominic fell under a lorry and screwed one of his legs up their Dad was a bookies runner for the Cleopas Street area. The Grants who lived between my Nan’s house and our place on Cleopas street, Roger Cotter (we called him Sputnick after the Russian Satellite had bright red hair.

    • syd nickson:

      I used to put bets on for my dad with that bookie think his name was Harold Symonds ,used stand up the back jigger always wore an overcoat with big pockets

  • syd nickson:

    I’m just remembering the fish and chip shops,Ramsey’s on Park rd,very handy when you got off the bus next to woolies.Farmers on Mill st where Mary( Gerry Marsden’s mum )worked.Lovely lady she was.Merrons on Mill st where I used to work after school,taking the eyes out of 3cwt of spuds a night for 10bob a week and free chips and there was one round the corner from dvs where they would pull the insides out of a french stick and stuff it full of fish and chips,that was school lunch.Ah the memories keep them coming Dinglites I luv it.

    • Ken Holland:

      I remember getting a weeks worth of disgusting school dinner money and not going. Instead getting a Vienna loaf between two of us and eating the inside while waiting to get fish and chips to put inside. Never tired of that and ate the fish and chips for ages until my Mum found out about it. Then the five fingers of hell (leather strap with five strips cut in it) so no more fish and chips. Hated Friday school dinner fish pie yuck. remember the park we would take the fish and chips down there to eat. If we had enough money we would buy an ice cream sandwich from Richardsons and cover it in syrup.

  • Ken Holland:

    My mum worked in the fish and chip shop (Wilson’s) on Cleopas Street. Does anyone remember Ginny’s sweet shop on Cleopas street?

    Remember the Friday afternoon dancing in the assembly hall? I used to be in love with a girl named Olive can’t remember her last name.

    Stebbie baths were I learnt to swim and coming back to school with a towel around our heads kept on by our cossies so we could look like Arabs.

    Syd Nickson I remember all the teachers you mentioned. Do you remember Miss Hughes?

    • syd nickson:

      Yes I remember Miss Hughes first bit of fresh air in dvs,unfortunately I was never in her class,also remember friday afternoon country dancing and the mad dash across the hall to skid to a halt in front of your favourite.Can,t remember the lady teachers name who was Frank Brailies partner,tall with a lovely body.Memories hey and it was only 55 years ago.

    • Alice and Tommy Thompson:

      Yes we lived in 26 cleopas street we moved there in 1959 and left when the houses were demolished we remember ginny delehoey

      • Ken Holland:

        Alice and Tommy, We had moved around about 1959 out to a corpy house in Allerton just around the corner from Paul’s house. Delahoy that’s the name, I couldn’t remember the last name. Had a great sweet collection. So you must have lived quite close to Beresford Road? I took early retirement at 59 and now live in Mexico. Left Liverpool 1969 for Canada but have lived in so many places and countries since. Funny just saw a post talking about Toffee Holland a teacher at DVS and that is what everyone called me…k

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  • robert murray:

    Hi all,
    Reading all the messages I just found on this site brings back memories. Ken I went on the trip to Lake Como with Gerry Dawson and his family with other lads at Easter when I was 13yrs old. Was a great trip. you mentioning it brought back memories. I remember all the teachers mentioned some fondly others not so fondly. I think Gerry was my favorate teacher even though I didn’t like PE that much. Caldecote we had for history and he was also my class teacher for a while. He was okay once you got him talking about the war. I went 4 yrs before I relised he had false teeth when he flashed them in the last weeks remaining in school lol. Happy Days and fond Memories.

    • Ken Holland:

      Robert, I wish I could have gone to Italy (we had no money) but I’ll always remember the name of the place you went to was Lake Como. What a beautiful place it is. The one teacher I hated was Segal the math teacher. I know this is not politically correct but we always said Hitler killed six million Jew and missed him. He was brutal would come up along side you and pull you up by the sideburns. He would pretend to be asleep and then throw the board duster at you. Loved Bob Corlett he taught me the joy of reading. Wished I could have got more out of Music with Percy Leggatt as I know have taken up the guitar and am learning to read music. I was in 4ac the very first AC class so we also had Caldecote but I loved history so he was OK. Didn’t seem like it at the time but I look back and say with what the teachers had to put up with then they did a pretty good job. Up to 50+ in some classes and now you hear teachers complaining if they have 20 and no teachers aide. Cheers

      • Dave Maltby:

        Hi Ken,

        I absolutely agree what you say about segal, he was a right bastard who i got the stick off more than once for the most petty of reasons.You don’t state what years you were at DVS but I was there 60 to 65 and left at 15 to join the Army – loved it so much I stayed in for 24 years. I use to knock around with Jim Talbot and Bobby Young when at DVS. Was it Corlett who taught German?

  • I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering problems with
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  • John Wilson:

    Anybody remember my grandad Ronald Wilson he played guitar around dingle pubs an used to run st Malachys club

    He was married to Veronica Powell ( ronnie an rene Wilson )

    Who later lived 2 bowring close

    Which later became bay’s dale close

    Any info be very greatful

    Trying to do family tree thank you

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  • Went to DVS 1962 – 1964 remember all the teachers above, I worked the projector for Jerries after school film nights and sometimes during lessons. My dad help t out with a motor maintenance class can not remember teachers name.

    Went on the loggerheads holiday at Colomendy then in 1964 – 1965 went to the residential school there.

    anyone remember the funday we had, my dad was giving rides on a converted ford prefect.

    One of the gyms was used for a navigation class room, must have enjoyed that as I later became a Lieutenant in the Sea Cadets and was the commanding offficer for 8 years at TS Falcon in Wisbech.

    Have how retired and live in North Wales with Chris my wife off over 40 years

    • Ken holland:

      Loved navigation hated math if you had told me navigation was math i probably would have hated it. Like anything else it is so dependant on the teacher. I hated Segal and was terrified of the punishment. Same with Percy Leggat he didn’t have a clue how to teach. If you got the stick which most of the class i was in did you had to choose from an umbrella stand what stick he would use. I remember Kenny Cole and Bary Billsbourgh telling him to F€&k Off and getting sent down to Daddy Verr’s office. Somebody put sugar into Leggats gas tank after that.

  • Frank Conteh:

    I started school at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, South Hill Road, 1951 and left in 1955 when my family moved to Kirkby.
    I did revisited the school in 1991 and was introduced to a classmate, Julie/Julia Foster/Forster, probably wrong spelling so I apologize in advance, who was actually teaching there.
    The lady that introduced us was the school secretary, the same school secretary that had inscribed me forty years earlier!!!
    Julie/Julia and I had a wonderful chat ab

  • Frank Conteh:

    I started school at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, South Hill Road, 1951 and left in 1955 when my family moved to Kirkby.
    I did revisited the school in 1991 and was introduced to a classmate, Julie/Julia Foster/Forster, probably wrong spelling so I apologize in advance, who was actually teaching there.
    The lady that introduced us was the school secretary, the same school secretary that had inscribed me forty years earlier!!!
    Julie/Julia and I had a wonderful chat about Miss Malone, Mr. Castel, Miss Walsh and Mr. Killykelly. I really loved that school and was so happy there.

  • Joe:

    Hi everyone

    Me mums side of the family were born and raised in Liverpool 8 – The Sergesons (Serges)

    They lived in Dingle Mount from 1955-1982.

    My mum recalls the Bambers, Irons, Taylors

    • Steve Clynch:

      Hi Joe,

      I went to school with John Sergeson. He was a great footballer. I was in touch with him about 5 years ago. He is now living in Australia. He had a sister, Ann, an older brother and a younger brother who always referred to me as Joe Bugner! I do know his family moved from the Mount to Beresford Road.
      Steve Clynch

      • Joe:

        Hello Steve,

        Yes, thats them alright. John living it up now in Oz. Always heard he was a good football player. I’ll try and get him to read this page – he’d love it.

        P.s the younger brother was Billy.

  • Frank Page:

    Hi Sid Nickson, I was in the same class as you and left DVS in 1959. I think the geography teacher was TOFFEE Holland, music teacher was Percy Legget. I remember Jerry Dawson trying to teach me how to do headsprings in between those games of pirates that we used to play. I remember names like Alphie Ponter George Smith, the Predagasts, Albert Hog, Tommy Higgins and lots more from class 4AC.
    I lived the Southhill Hotel pub, opposite Our Lady Mount Carmel, until dad died in 1952 when we moved to Great George Street but I stayed on at Matthew Arnold and then DVS.
    Would be grateful of any photos of DVS in the fifties.
    Frank Page

  • allan Kennedy:

    Hi I played football for the Florie, went to upper park St and Wellington rd school lived in letitia St . My mate was John Bell, we used to go to the Victoriana every week. Anyone out there remember us?

  • VeraFullard:

    I lived South Street 1935/1956 St Silas School/Dingle Vale Cousins named Crosbie Lost touch when moved Midlands. Birthday 80comes June 2015 Good reading everything . Wonder if anymore old urns around?

  • I lived in Beloe St (born 1942) and went to Parkhill Rd school which we shared with Cof E children until St Finbars was built. We moved on handcarts which the children helped to push. Left in 1953 when I passed 11+ so didn’t get to move up to Mount Carmel with my friends. Gerrard Marsden was in my class(Gerry and the Pacemakers) and Alan Rudkin who was a celebrated boxer. My best friend in St Finbars was Maureen Regan

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  • Leonard maltby:

    Hi I am dave maltby,said (not moltby ) younger brother Len we lived in Leonora st (29)with younger brother stephen parents Margaret & jim our grandparents lived @27 Edith and Jack Tyrer with son Len daughters Dorothy and Edith I have wonderful memories of living there and still visit park rd to day calling at the pineapple and Anglesey

    • James:

      Dear Dave,

      I am interested in learning more about Jack Tyrer. I am following up research about Florence Maybrick and Battlecrease House, located in Aigburth.

      I am not sure if you are referring to the right individual, but did the ‘Jack Tyrer’ you refer to have any association with a launderette located at 10 Peel Street, Liverpool?

      Thanks again, James.

      • Dave:

        Hi James, Yes Jack Tyrer was my grandad and as regards to Hillside Laundry he was the boiler man and watchman up until the big fire which gutted the place. Grandad died many years ago I think about late 70′s and he had moved to Byles Street. He was also Military Medalist from WW1 but he never ever told us what he was awarded it for. He told us lots of war stories and he was a great man. I went on to join the Army and I was awarded the BEM, my only regret that Jack was not alive to be aware. When he left the Hillside Laundry he went onto be the caretaker at Essex St Police Station

  • brian sheridan:

    hi can anybody remember the allotments on the school playing field

  • Daniel Winks:

    interesting read here. does anyone recall a Harvey Winks? Irene Winks. i’m not sure what street the grew up on, but definitely from dingle. Harvey’s my dad; Irene his sister, my auntie.

    • Albert Crosbie:

      Harvey, Martha and Irene Winks lived next door to us in 40 Haliburton Street. Irene married Bill who worked at Vauxhall Motors. Harvey died and Martha, Irene and Bill moved to Frodsham. Lost contact with them.

      • Harvey Winks:

        lbert, Mum Lillie, Emily, and Wally. Looking forward to a reply from you. Harvey Winks.

      • Harvey Winks:

        Good to hear from you. Where are you now? I remember all your family and we are somewhat related I think. Your Dad Albert, Mum Lillie, Emily, and Wally. Looking forward to a reply from you. Harvey Winks. The last message did not turn out!

  • William Whewell:

    I am William Whewell. Our family still have a house in the Dingle on Grafton Street. I see a name in the blog,,,, Alan Craven,,,,,,,, is that Chica Craven from Dingle house , my cousin ? I remember walking with him.. tell me I am right.
    Also… What happened to the McCartneys,,,,, six day house family, Tommy ?
    Please mail me,
    There was McCartneys, The Robinsons from Beloe block, ..
    Does anyone remember Teapot (Edwards) Alan Davis. George MaGregor and best of all George and Robbie Roterts.
    All are father Knew each other also,,,,,
    William…. Bill Whewell

  • Lynne:

    Does any1 remember Mary Owen from 58d dingle lane…

  • Lynne:

    Does anyone remember Joseph allonson from the dingle area …

  • Michael Bailey:

    I live in park hill road from about 1969 to 1974 I live over a betting office next to church hall opposite were I lived there was a shop run by Mrs jogging does anyone remember this

  • Carol Nevinson(neeWignall):

    Hi anyone out there, i have just come across this site by accident. I seem to know a lot of names out there, I am wondering if anyone remembers me. My name was Carol Wignall, I used to live in Chillingham Street. I went to Matthew Arnold, the onto DVS. Joan Marsh was one of my vest friends , she used to live in the tennaments opposite my Grandmothers house at 63 Beloe Street. Also I would love to know about the film, and can I get a copy from anyone. Hoping to get a reply.

    • alan davies:

      Hi Carol, I’m just reading through this site looking for familiar names. I do remember the Wignalls from Chillingham St. my name is Alan Davies, I lived on Eridge st. I went to Matthew Arnold with a friend from your Street, Peter Richards I think his name was, his family had the Richards ice cream & grocery shop on Dingle Lane. If I remember you had two brothers. Do you remember Beryl Dickinson who lived up the steps? I moved to Canada in 1968 with family. Let me know if you remember.

    • Susan shannon (nee Rogers):

      Hi Carol, your mum was great friends with my parents Cyril and Edna Rogers of the Prince Arthur in Arthur st.
      We went to Butlins with your mum and your brother john, also my sister Val. Great memories, my dad used to make us all sausage egg and chips (all in the chip pan) after the pub had closed. Hope you’re good x

  • Im sure somebody out there remembers MrSavage the headmaster at Maggie Ann. How about Coopers newspaper shop on Cockburn St. Freddie Davis, Barry billsborough McCenna all on Homer Street.Anybody???

    • bill seville:

      I remember pop savage,a great headmaster in Matthew Arnold.I have a class picture of him and our first teacher-Mrs Heppenstall

    • bill seville:

      as you mention Homer street,I played in The Stan Woods Skiffle group in the 1950′s.with Stan,Georgie Calderbank,and Les Crane.

    • hi geoff just come across your e mail i remember you living in homer st i lived in 14 and i also remember pop savage very well as bill sevile said he did play in the group with me gerorge and les crane had an e mail off bills/ daughter asking me iff i was stan from the group happy days mate remember your mum and dad very well hope your keeping well mate best regards STAN WOODS

  • stephen:

    hi I use to live in the blocks in dingle mount mc donoughs .3rd landing my cousins nan bethel all lived in the blocks my dad anothony mc lived in dingle house with his mum Elizabeth and two brothers Bernie ,Arthur mc sis Maureen mc which have sadly passed othere step sisters are still living we did have very good times in the dingle blocks you could leave the house open and still come back and everythink would of still be there nower days we would of got burgled .and we would of new nearly every body in the block and good neigbours and help old people now no body cares no more therse no respect at all when we were kids we would help any body now there not interested any more whats happened to the world we live in whats happened to the parents nowadays therse no respect at all.

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  • Steve N:

    Does anyone know how or where to get a copy of this video? Thanks!

  • Does anyone from Southill House remember the Harvey family, I am a cousin, I used play down at Southill House quite a lot. Bernie.

  • Pete:

    My family (the Byrne’s) lived at number 6 Nestor Street, but moved to Halewood in late 1963, when I was just a young lad. My grandfather, “Bruno”, worked at Carroll’s for a long time. My favourite place as a kid was the Iron Bridge, watching the trains. I also remember “Auntie Marmelade” from Nestor Street. We went back to see the old street a few times before it was demolished but, sadly, my memories of Nestor Street are fading with time. I’d love to see any photographs of the street anyone might have?

    • Syd hall:

      Hi how are my old mates Kevin and Mike, we had some great times together when we were kids,their dad would have a drink in the same pub on the corner of Ruby street as my dad and my granddad,all the best

  • Can anyone tell me if Mill Street was bombed during the war? I’m looking for a Butcher shop from the early 1900s, which would have been at 372 Mill Street, possibly owned by William Johns, as he lived at that address from around 1901 onwards. At some point he moved to Walton, but presume the butchers remained for a time after.

    From what I can tell this would have been just down the road from the Wellie, near opposite the Florrie. From what I can see on google street view, there appears to be a grassy area between the church and the Wellie, that I expect probably had more properties back in the day.

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  • hello anybody have any information on living relatives of William and dora glarke of dingle whos son walter who died on the 5 nov 1940 on board Scottish maidian we have something we wish to give to them relating to walter

  • Steve Clynch:

    Can anybody help with information regarding the death (murder) of a lady called Gladys ? This happened in the 1960′s outside a newsagents near Hutchison Hall. I would like to know the year and Gladys’s surname to help me research the story via Liverpool Echo. I was only a young boy and remember being kept in my house by Mum until the murderer was caught. After a short period, the police arrested a man from Beloe Street.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Geoff Carmichael:

      Yes , her name was Gladys Galloway who lived in Loxdale Street ,The year was 64 to 66 as we had a visit from the police to inform my mam who was a relative.The guy they charged was released years later as apparently he had been convicted by a forced confession.

      • Steve Clynch:

        Thanks very much Geoff for your information. I did not realise the man had been released due to a forced confession. I will now be able to continue exploring this story further. Once again, many thanks.

        Steve Clynch.

  • michael. doran:

    i came across the site and found all the comments about the dingle i was saddened to here about Gerry Dawson,
    i left dvs in 1961 and was lucky enough to go to italy with him and remembered lake como very well so much so
    i went back some years ago and after a long search found were we stayed but got there to early to meet Gerry as he was due in a few weeks time as it turned out Maria was still there and after my best sign language she realised i was one of the kids who stayed, any way enough from me
    ps i lived at 497 Grafton street .

  • Alan Kirby:

    Hello there I am trying to contact this chap as you can see he lived at 16 Arthur street in the dingle
    I lived at 18 Arthur st his neighbor in the 50s60s is it possible to give him my email add because he hasn’t answered me on here & I would so like to get in touch with him.
    Yours Sincerely Alan Kirby

    his post is below Thank you

    Phil Nieman:
    September 9, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    Hi Colin
    You may remember me . Phil Nieman .
    Lived at No 16 Arthur St.

  • alan kirby:

    Hi there I lived next door to Phil 18 Arthur street
    is it possible to contact his email address or give him mine I would like to be in contact with him & Family

    Phil Nieman:
    September 9, 2013 at 6:01 pm

  • for bill seville, I too have a class picture at Maggie Anne dated 1954 when I was 7. I lived in Homer St . Many happy memories of growing up. No money but happy. I dont remember the skiffle group but I do remember a skiffle group that played at th hall on Park Hill road up by Mill Street. Could that have been you?

    • bill seville:

      Hi Geoff,thanks for reply. I was born in 1943.and my class picture with Pop Savage and Mrs Heppenstall doesn’t have a date on it,reckon it must have been 1953or thereabouts.I am still in touch with Brian Hodson in the picture and can name a few of the other lads too.Doubt it was my skiffle group as we played in a hut down by the dingle fields.But living in Homer street you must have known Stan Woods?I went to the T T I opposite dingle bus sheds so lost touch with a lot of my class who probably went to Dingle Vale.I enjoyed Mathew Arnold but hated the Toxteth Tech!

      • hi bill only came across your e mail but the memorries came flooding back we really got around with the group didnt / we played on many places new brighton ballroom playing on the royal iris on the way home and a woman taking a collection up happy days mate hope your keeping well best rgards STAN WOODS

  • Jan stevenson:

    Hi all you dingle it’s just watched the new Beatles film we are in it my auntie Martha Horan and Mrs Eaton wow watch it it’s great janet stevenson nee Stant 8b dingle house yeh

  • Patricia moulton:

    We lived in dentwood street late 50”s to early 60”s.

  • Becky Sager:

    I used to be Pat Watkins. I was born in my Mum’s family home at 47 The Elms – up the side of the Dingle tram shed – in the first week of WW2 . I went to St Michael in the Hamlet School but my little sister Penny Watkins went to Mathew Arnold in the early 50s – I remember walking through the big tenement buildings to pick her up from school, was one of those Dingle House?
    I went to Blackburne House 1950-1958, riding the Number 33 tram and later the 87 bus along Princes Avenue or sometimes to save a few pennies walking by the crow-flies route along Admiral, Windsor and Hope Streets. Hard to imagine that now as I live in a suburban area near Atlanta, Georgia, USA I’ve enjoyed reading all the memories.

  • Laura myatt:

    I use to live in Kevin Street with my friend Kathryn mccormick we worked at pontins in Wales I would love to hear from her again

  • Laura myatt:

    Dose any know Philip Jackson who work at the Michelin factory in Stoke on trent in 1970 he was an engineer by trade he might be living in Australia his wife is named carol I would like to be in touch with him as he has a son who is looking for him named Scott

  • Paula Fitzsimmons:

    I lived in Hurry Street from 1958 to 1971 and attended St. Finder’s School in South Road. Mr Killikelly was the first headmaster, then Mr. Thomas. Both were lovely men. Mr.Thomas taught us lots of songs, including All through the Night in Welsh! Miss Gilham was my teacher for two years, and was wonderful, but frightening! She always said we had two speeds, dead slow and stop! I remember Margaret Hannett, Agnes Rosario, Joan Taylor, Frances McAteer, Michael McLoughlin, John Hussey, and Tony Eaton. I wonder where they all are , and what they have been up to in the last 54 or so years! Is it really that long? Would love to hear from anyone round that time, 1958 to 1963.

  • Paula Fitzsimmons:

    I lived in Hurry Street from 1958 to 1971 and attended St. FinbarSchool in South Road. Mr Killikelly was the first headmaster, then Mr. Thomas. Both were lovely men. Mr.Thomas taught us lots of songs, including All through the Night in Welsh! Miss Gilham was my teacher for two years, and was wonderful, but frightening! She always said we had two speeds, dead slow and stop! I remember Margaret Hannett, Agnes Rosario, Joan Taylor, Frances McAteer, Michael McLoughlin, John Hussey, and Tony Eaton. I wonder where they all are , and what they have been up to in the last 54 or so years! Is it really that long? Would love to hear from anyone round that time, 1958 to 1963.

  • geoff lonsdale:

    Its been a while since I checked the blog. It was great to see that Stan Woods is still in touch. I lived in 25 Homer st and was friends with Freddie Davies, Barry Billsborough and McKennas. I left UK now living in the States so its great to keep in touch if only infrequently .I went back to the old neighborhood recently, didnt know where I was, its all gone.Lets keep this blog going memories cant be replaced, I.m 71 now and still remember Happy Days

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  • John Nestor:

    Hi Tony I lived in dingle house(20d) in and seen your comment and you said you lived in 1b and I always remembered the lamberts at 1b but now think they lived in 2b, so you lived above the kings I don’t remember who lived 1c or 1d but seem to remember Richardson’s lived in 1e and dally’s in 1f ????

  • Carol Traill:

    Hi All
    I lived in south hill rd , I can’t remember the house number but it was directly opposite Joe’s shop, it was a tall terrace house, Black stone and gothic steps/wall I recall ????
    I remember my little friends names,as I would have been aged 5-10
    Ganet Cave, Susan Dunbar, Gary Jones, Tony Standish, (all I can remember)
    I was a red head (still am) I was Carol Ross, had a brother Paul, I attended st Finbars around 66-70 thereabouts, I am searching for old class photos from that time, would be fun to find school group photos,

  • Andy Omand:

    I lived in 3A & 6B Dingle house when I was born in 1968, it was my nans place\s ( Nelly Thompson ). My mum & dad were living with Nelly, my mum ( Dot Thompson ) was Nelly’s daughter. My dad a Scotsman called Alex had moved down from Edinburgh where he met my mum. My mum also had brother called Gordon. Nelly lived in the block for 40-50 years, only moving out in the 80′s when they were getting knocked down. She died not that long after moving out as I remember. Nelly’s husband was called James, but he died in an accident at work down the docks when my mum was a teenager I believe.

  • Bryan Lewis:

    I was born in Dingle House in 1938 together with my twin Sister. We were the youngest of seven children and before the Second World War my Father ran a Coal Merchant business in Beloe Street. My brothers were Sammy, Don and Sidney, sadly now all dead, and my Sisters Maud and Muriel both stgill alive.

    We all attended Matthew Arnold and some four or five years ago I went to look at Matthew Arnold and was so disappointed to see that it had disappeared and a new building was in its place.. We lived at 7E Dingle House and moved from there in 1948. One of my saddest moments was in 1944 watching all the Military Vehicles moving to the Docks (I was six then) when a friend ran into the road to hold on the back of a lorry and lift his legs up to place on the mudguard. Unfortunately, the mudguards of Military lorries were much higher than civilian lorries and his feet landed on the tyre. He went around with the wheel, thrown on the road. I pulled him to the gutter so that he would not be further hurt by the lorries, What I did not realise, until later, was that he was already dead. Something I have never forgetten.

  • Joe:

    St Vincent’s Treat to Southport 1954-67

  • Helen Robinson:

    My mum was born at 19 Hurry Street in July 1934. She was a Gifford.

  • Damian Berg:


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  • Steve Graham:

    My great grandad was Savage. He was the headmaster at Matthew Arnold. Someone a few years said that they had a picture of him. Would it possible for that person to contact me? I think it was Geoff Lonsdale.

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