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Documentary following brothers Jamie, 13, Michael, 11, and Adam, 9, from Liverpool, who adore dancing. When they are not in ballet classes they can be found pirouetting down the aisles in weekly trips to the supermarket.

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  • [...] Jamie, Michael and Adam are three brothers from Liverpool who love to dance and perform. The boys are featured in a BBC documentary called My Life: The Ballet Boys. For those who didn’t see the original broadcast of The Ballet Boys on BBC, you can watch it here. [...]

  • Julie Foley:

    Wow – fabulous! Go for it boys! You are fantastic!!!
    Clare you should be so proud!!!!
    Power to you all!!

  • Ellen Macrae:

    I think more boys should do ballet, there is only one boy in my entire dance school, I started in a class of 29 girls and 1 boy, and I’m now in a class of 9 girls and no boys, there is one in one of the lower classes, but that is out of hundreds of girls.

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