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Superb BBC 1965 documentary about Liverpool and it’s Irish and Welsh singing influences. Near the end, it talks about everyone getting kicked out of the city to live in the housing estates such as Cantril Farm, on the outskirts of the city – and it’s heartbreaking. There’s one chap, a docker who moved to Kirkby and he basically says it all.

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*Video:liverpool, the singing city, 1965


8 Responses to “Liverpool, The Singing City, 1965”

  • John Greogry:

    Really like your blog Dave and congrats on the 10,000. I read it on facebook. Best regards, John

  • Jeanette (Pattullo) Land:

    What a neat bog. My scouse cousin sent this to me from Ont. Canada. Born in the Dingle, left there and moved to Wallasey during the war in 1942. Lived there until 1953 when I moved to the US. Have been in Kansas Ciy for 58 yrs but part of me is still in Liverpool.
    Thanks for the memories.

  • Pauline (Parry):

    I am in a state of shock!!! This was sent to me here in Germany yesterday by a fellow scouser livin in Thailand and my school – St. Nicholas – is in this, I am in it twice at the 1.27 mark and 1.45 … what fantastic memories of the BBC doing this at our school. I never ever thought in my wildest dreams I would get to see this again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!
    p.s. does anyone know if I can buy this on DVD??

  • Becca Keating:

    Loved this so much, the Scottie Press are looking for the singers for a re make. possible reunion after 47 years

    • Pauline (Parry):

      which singers .. do you mean the kids in the playground coz I was one of them! i loved the BBC comin to our school. xxx

  • Frank Young:

    I was born in South Wales 1942. My mum along with hundreds of other mums had been evacuated to Wales because Liverpool was getting hammered by bombers. After the war we came back home to Farnsworth St, which is by Kenny, Park. In 1952 we moved to Lee Park Estate, and in 1963 I moved again this time to California. I still have a Sister in Skem, and I consider myself a scouser. The music in this clip is what we grew up with, remember Lonnie Donnagan, Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s Flavour On The Bedpost Over Night? This is a magic music clip. Thanks La.

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