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It won’t surprise people living in Liverpool, but it may surprise those who don’t. Apart from Newcastle, Liverpool is the safest city to live in, according to the UK Statistics Authority.

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield all have more burglaries and car crimes per person and you’re twice as likely to be violently attacked in London than you are in Merseyside.


After 4 years, Liverpool Street gallery is back online and you’re welcome to add your images. Sadly, the last website went down due to a server crash (over 50,000 images!) and the company hosting the website did not have a back up.

I think I have most of the images, but I don’t know who submitted them. Once I find out, I’ll put them back online with credit to the owners. The maximum image size is 1500kb and any images over 1000 pixels will be automatically resized. There’s not much on there at the moment, but I have a couple of thousand ready to upload. It’s just getting the time to do it! Any probs, message me. Cheers, Dave


A very chilly October morning! Worth getting up to take this shot of the Liverpool waterfront though :)

Liverpool Waterfront Sunrise


Liverpool Waterfront


The FA Cup Final reminded me of the risks we used to take in the 70s and 80s to get into Wembley.
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*Video:merry christmas liverpool


Took this a while back when I was waiting for a takeaway. Food’s not bad, but I prefer the New Capital further down the road.
Ma Bo Restaurant


Lovely weather on my walkabout. I thought the muslim lady and child made a good contrast to the background shot of the cathedral.
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool


The following description of the 11 minute film is by Richard Koeck from the BFI Screenonline website

Survey of Liverpool Corporation’s housing programme, introduced by L.H. Keay, architect and director of housing in Liverpool.
Beginning with a prologue that sets the heroic tone that permeates the rest of the film, Homes for Workers “aims to illustrate the vast amount of work done by the Liverpool Corporation to re-house tenants of insanitary [sic] houses”. The film has particular architectural significance since its commentator was Liverpool’s foremost authority on housing at the time,L.H. Keay.

Keay illustrates how various Housing Acts, such as the Slum Clearance and Rehousing Act of 1930, enabled local authorities, including in Liverpool, to implement concrete plans to improve the poor state of working-class housing. To prove his point, Keay provides impressive figures indicating that the number of those re-housed by the Corporation, grew from 11,000 in 1914 to 122,000 in 1938. At the same time, over 29,000 houses were erected on the outskirts of the city, many in so-called self-contained communities such as Speke, which provided, in close proximity to local industry, social facilities such as schools and libraries.

Homes for Workers includes impressive aerial shots of Liverpool that show the extent to which the city had engaged in a housing programme. Two of the inner-city tenement courts mentioned are Gerard Gardens (also shown in Basil Dearden’s Violent Playground, 1958), and Myrtle Gardens, both of which are excellent examples of modern architecture in Liverpool. Gerard Gardens, whose foundation stone was laid in 1934, is also interesting because it refers, in architectural terms as well as in the way it addressed a particular social agenda, to similar housing programmes in continental Europe, such as that of the Karl-Marx-Hof (1927-30) in Vienna, built by Karl Ehn. A particular highlight of the film is the testimony of an ‘ordinary’ Liverpool housewife who, with a noticeably non-Liverpool accent, dutifully recites the benefits of Keay’s housing programme, such as the use of gas appliances, hot water and other amenities of modern living which provide her with a ‘happier and healthier’ way of living.

Richard Koeck

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*Video:the real john lennon (2000)


Interesting piece on housing and regeneration at the time of Liverpool City Council’s fight with the Thatcher government in 1985. Look out for Braddock Heights and the Piggeries in Everton.

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*Video:liverpool housing and regeneration, 1985


Going through some of my archive shots and thought the Blue side of our city may find this interesting. Shot from the roof of the Corinth Tower, which has since been demolished. The banner on the stadium celebrates the 125th anniversary of the club. At the start of the 2003/2004 season, Everton supporters cast votes to determine the greatest ever Everton team, which was:

Neville Southall (1981–97)
Gary Stevens (1982–89)
Brian Labone (1958–71)
Kevin Ratcliffe (1980–91)
Ray Wilson (1964–69)
Trevor Steven (1983–90)
Alan Ball (1966–71)
Peter Reid (1982–89)
Kevin Sheedy (1982–92)
Dixie Dean (1925–37)
Graeme Sharp (1980–91)

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Goodison Park 2003

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