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After 4 years, Liverpool Street gallery is back online and you’re welcome to add your images. Sadly, the last website went down due to a server crash (over 50,000 images!) and the company hosting the website did not have a back up.

I think I have most of the images, but I don’t know who submitted them. Once I find out, I’ll put them back online with credit to the owners. The maximum image size is 1500kb and any images over 1000 pixels will be automatically resized. There’s not much on there at the moment, but I have a couple of thousand ready to upload. It’s just getting the time to do it! Any probs, message me. Cheers, Dave


The way I edited it looks amazing on canvas in my own humble opinion :)
Click for a bigger pic

St George's Hall, Liverpool


A very chilly October morning! Worth getting up to take this shot of the Liverpool waterfront though :)

Liverpool Waterfront Sunrise


Photoshopped image in the style of Banksy. Inspired by David Cain’s work near Melwood, the training ground for Liverpool Football Club.

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King Kenny Dalglish


Sad to see this lovely block of houses in the state they are. Lots of false hopes over the last 10 years that they’d be restored and sold. Will it ever happen? You can read more about Eldon Grove at Scottie Press

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Eldon Grove, Liverpool


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King Edward VII Monument, Pier Head, Liverpool


Liverpool Waterfront


Sad story. Poor girl told me she met up with a ‘tramp’ (her word) and they snuggled up together overnight in the cemetery. During the night, £65 was stolen off her and her beau pissed off, leaving her penniless. She’s from Shrewsbury and travelled up to live here on the same day when all this happened.
Laid to Rest - St James' Cemetery, Liverpool


Playing around with Photoshop again to give the impression of a toy car. Pretty easy to do considering the actual size of the thing. How do people fit in cars like that? Shot on the corner of Leeds Street and North John Street, Liverpool.
Toy Car (faux tilt shift)


Interesting piece on housing and regeneration at the time of Liverpool City Council’s fight with the Thatcher government in 1985. Look out for Braddock Heights and the Piggeries in Everton.

Click image to start video

*Video:liverpool housing and regeneration, 1985

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